How Can Exergaming Be Used to Improve Physical Activity Levels in Teenage Populations?

March 20, 2024

In this era of digital technology, promoting physical activity among teenagers is becoming a challenge. Traditional methods are no longer as effective with this tech-savvy generation. However, rather than trying to pull them away from their screens, why not use technology to encourage physical activity? This is where exergaming comes in – a fusion of exercise and gaming, a novel approach that might just be the solution to boost physical activity levels.

The Concept of Exergaming

The term "exergaming" was coined from the words ‘exercise’ and ‘gaming’. Simply put, it refers to video games that are also a form of exercise. These games require players to do physical activities, triggering active participation rather than just thumb twiddling. Some popular examples include dance games like "Dance Dance Revolution", sports games such as "Wii Sports", and virtual reality games like "Beat Saber".

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Exergames are designed to get players up and moving, thus injecting an element of physical activity into an otherwise sedentary pastime. But the question remains: Can exergaming effectively increase physical activity levels among teenagers?

Exergaming Based on Google Scholar and Crossref Studies

According to a number of studies indexed on Google Scholar and Crossref, there is promising evidence that exergaming can indeed be an effective method to enhance physical activity among teenagers.

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For instance, a study published in PubMed found that participants reported higher physical activity levels after a period of exergaming. Furthermore, this same study discovered that exergaming can potentially improve cardiovascular health, indicating that the physical activity involved in exergaming can have tangible health benefits.

Another study on Crossref found that exergaming can lead to significant improvements in physical activity levels, especially among teenagers who initially had low physical activity levels. This finding suggests that exergaming could be an ideal strategy to encourage physical activity among teenagers who may not be drawn to traditional exercise methods.

The Exercise-health Connection in Exergaming

The primary aim of promoting physical activity is to improve health. Regular physical activity has a myriad of health benefits, from boosting cardiovascular health, improving muscle strength, to enhancing mental wellbeing. If exergaming can effectively boost physical activity, it can play a pivotal role in improving teenagers’ health.

Studies on exergaming have shown that it not only increases physical activity but also improves aspects of health. For example, a review published in PubMed found that exergaming could result in significant improvements in cardiovascular fitness, balance, and body composition. These benefits are comparable to those derived from traditional forms of exercise, suggesting that exergaming is a viable alternative for promoting health among teenagers.

Optimising the Effects of Exergaming

As promising as exergaming is, it’s essential to understand how to optimise its benefits. The types of games, duration of play, and intensity of the activity can all impact the effectiveness of exergaming as a tool for increasing physical activity.

A Crossref study discovered that exergames providing a higher intensity workout led to greater improvements in physical fitness. This indicates that not all exergames are created equal – those that require more vigorous movements will likely be more beneficial in promoting physical activity.

Another factor to consider is the time spent on exergaming. While spending too much time gaming can have negative effects, setting a reasonable limit can ensure that teenagers benefit from the physical activity without losing out on other essential aspects of their life, such as study time or social interactions.

Making Exergaming a Part of Teenagers’ Lives

Introducing exergaming into teenagers’ lives and making it a regular part of their routine can be a game-changer in promoting physical activity. However, it’s crucial to consider their interests and preferences to ensure they remain engaged.

Finding the right balance between gaming and exercise, ensuring the games are fun and engaging, and making them easily accessible can help make exergaming an attractive alternative to conventional exercise methods. Schools could also consider incorporating exergames into their physical education programs as a way to make exercise more appealing to students.

In conclusion, exergaming holds promising potential as an innovative approach to promoting physical activity among teenagers. While more research is needed to fully understand its impacts and optimise its benefits, the existing evidence highlights the potential of this novel approach. So, it’s time to level up the physical activity game with exergaming!

The Role of Schools and Community in Promoting Exergaming

Schools and communities play a crucial role in promoting physical activity among teenagers. They have the resources and platform to introduce and encourage exergaming as an alternative to traditional exercise methods.

A survey done in the United States indicated that 42% of teenagers were not meeting the recommended physical activity guidelines. This alarming statistic underscores the need for innovative approaches, like exergaming, to counter the physical inactivity among teenagers.

Schools could introduce exergaming in their physical education classes. They could integrate games like "Wii Sports" or "Dance Dance Revolution" that not only engage students but also provide an intensive workout. A systematic review indexed on Google Scholar and Crossref found that school-based exergaming interventions significantly increased students’ physical activity levels.

Moreover, schools can organise exergaming competitions or events, which can be a fun and engaging way to promote physical activity. The competitive aspect can also motivate students to put more effort into the games, thereby increasing their energy expenditure.

Communities, on the other hand, could provide access to exergaming facilities. Community centres could invest in exergaming equipment and organise regular exergaming sessions. This can provide an avenue for teenagers who may not have access to such equipment at home.

In this regard, the collaboration between schools, communities, and health organizations could play a pivotal role in promoting exergaming and enhancing physical activity among teenagers.


As the digital age progresses, it’s important to leverage technology to promote health and wellness. Exergaming, a blend of exercise and video games, presents a novel approach to address the issue of physical inactivity among teenagers.

Research indexed on Google Scholar, PubMed, Crossref, and other databases provide promising evidence that exergaming can effectively increase physical activity levels. Moreover, exergaming can also deliver significant health benefits similar to traditional exercise methods.

However, the effectiveness of exergaming largely depends on the types of games, intensity of the activity, and duration of play. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully select exergames that provide an intensive workout and set a reasonable playtime limit to optimize its benefits.

Schools and communities play a crucial role in promoting exergaming. By integrating exergaming into school curriculums and providing access to exergaming facilities in communities, they can make exergaming a regular part of teenagers’ lives.

In conclusion, exergaming holds remarkable potential as an innovative approach to promote physical activity among teenagers. While more research is needed to fully understand its impacts and optimize its benefits, the current evidence suggests that it’s time to embrace exergaming as a vital tool in promoting physical activity. Let’s level up the physical activity game with exergaming!